Saturday, March 21, 2015

Using Power BI to Remove Business Process Inefficiencies

A huge thank you to PragmaticWorks for featuring Women In Technology during the month of March 2015 for their Free Training on the Ts.  It’s been several years since I spoke in public – I gave it up within a year of having kids since traveling became too hard emotionally.  My kiddos are really adorable.  It’s very hard to stay away from them – I miss their cuddles and their kisses and their happiness!

Thank you to those who attended and the great questions.  This was a 100 level talk and covered some basics of Power Pivot and Power View.

My slide deck for the presentation

The full 1 hour presentation

Questions that I remember:

  1. How do I ignore the filter in DAX ?
    A: Use All  - see Marco Russo’s post on “All, AllExcept, and Values in Dax” here.  If you want to learn DAX, I highly recommend “DAX Patterns” by Alberto Ferrari and Marco Russo.  You can find a list of their books here.  Or Rob Collies
  2. What about Workbook Mode?
    A: I haven’t used Power Query much.  It’s next on my list! Consultants and Trainers tend to keep up with the latest.  I’ve seen it, but in my current position the company needs a lot of traditional BI work done so I haven’t had as much time to play with PowerBI stack as I’d like. And wasn’t part of my talk… but of course, now I want to know what it is!  I googled it and can’t find anything, so I’ll have to dig under the covers a bit more and cover it in a post.  If this was your question, let me know who you were and I’ll try to get back to you.

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