Friday, August 23, 2013

Providing new user functionality directly in cubes

What if someday the SVP of Sales wants to set up sales quotas and be able to change them?  Do we institute that functionality directly into CRM?  Currently the BI sample dashboards for Sales have hardcoded values for determining what the percentage improvement over the previous year should be for all Account Directors.  If they want to change it, they can inside of PerformancePoint, but again, it applies to all ADs.  If they want the ability to set it per Region or per AD, we’d have to provide that ability.  And as BI developers, we may not have access to changing things in CRM… so what do we do?

In comes WriteBack option in SSAS to the rescue.  A few quick tweaks to the SSAS cube and voila … the SVP can set the quotas in Excel with a few clicks!  Check out this video to see how it works:  Excel 2010 Writeback to Analysis Services